How To Access Design Camp Sessions

How to access sessions once you have registered for Design Camp.

Browsers & Compatibility

Embedded videos and chat: Vimeo Compatibility Article

Zoom sessions: running the most up to date version of the Zoom app on your machine. Meetings can be run in the browser, but there is a known issue with Mac/Catalina running Zoom meetings from a browser.

Accessing your account:

Sign in to the AIGA Minnesota Design Camp website via the My Account Portal using the email and password you provided during signup. No other codes or access tokens are necessary. When you are logged in, you will be granted the level of access you purchased (All-Access, Digital Access, or Keynote Only).

Forgot your password? Use the prompt on the Lost Password page to recover using the email you provided at signup.

Forgot your email? Get in touch prior to Design Camp and we can try to look you up based on your name or order number.

Part of a group purchase? A unique user account was created for each ticket, using the email provided for each person at time of purchase. Tickets purchased at the time of signup will need to use the “Forgot password” prompt to set their passwords and login. If you don’t remember the emails provided, or if there are errors, have the person who purchased the tickets get in touch with their name/order number and we can look up the group purchase.

Personalizing your account:

You have the option to upload a custom profile photo and cover photo which will display on the Attendees page (only visible to other logged-in attendees). If your email account has a Gravatar associated with it, it will be used by default as your profile photo.

Choosing sessions:

Feel free to visit different sessions throughout camp, all accessible from the main schedule. Some sessions (like the keynotes and workshops) will be broadcast via an embedded video stream, directly on the session page, while others (like summits and extracurriculars) will be accessed via a Zoom link that will be provided on the session page.

If you’d like to remind yourself which ones you want to visit, you can star/save the sessions on the schedule page or on the session list pages. They will show up in your account under the Saved Sessions tab.

What to expect:

For keynotes and workshops: your sessions will be streamed directly into the session page, and you can view them using the embedded video player. There will be a chat available to converse with other attendees, and a form to submit your questions to the presenters directly (keynotes only)

For extracurriculars and summits: you will access the session via a private Zoom room, where you will be on-screen alongside other attendees, so be prepared with your camera, microphone, and/or your favorite virtual background

Will sessions be recorded/available later?

Broadcast sessions (embedded video) will remain available on the site if you need to go back and watch. We are discussing as a team whether we can make any of the non-broadcast sessions available afterward as well.

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