XD 101 – Intro to Adobe XD

Learn how to design, prototype, and share with Adobe XD. From integrations with the tools you know well, like Photoshop and Illustrator, to advanced prototyping functionality to bring any design… Read More

RETHINK the Paper Presentation

Hot off the presses – the webinar may be virtual, but this printed piece transcends the screen! Listen in as Neenah’s Creative Director, Dallas Franklin, walks you through RETHINK EVERYTHING,… Read More

Designing for Accessibility – A Focus on Focus

An important area of ADA compliance is the proper use of focus states. All interactive elements on a web page should be focusable, from links to form fields, to buttons, tabs, accordions,… Read More

Design has been a lot of things so far

Rick Griffith will bring various trajectories for a financially and emotionally diverse design practice and lifelong learning into focus, there is actually and confidently room for every designer to live and thrive… Read More

Panel: Emerging Designers

The focus of the panel will be to advise emerging designers (those 1-5 years into their design careers) on best work practices: looking for and embracing opportunities for growth, work ethic, and attitude, expanding skillsets,… Read More

Draw Your Day

In this 90-minute workshop, we will discuss all of the benefits of keeping a sketch journal of your daily life. The practice helps us to learn and process information, appreciate… Read More